S&B 7.65x17mmSR (.32 ACP) Dated (20)15 For Romania?

Recently listed at SGAmmo ( https://www.sgammo.com/product/32-auto-acp-ammo/3000-round-crate-32-auto-765-browning-73-grain-fmj-ammo-sellier-bellot-sb32 ) and described as:

"2015 MFG military surplus 32 Auto ammo in commercial boxes,
Packed 50 rounds per box, 60 boxes per 3000 round wood crate with a sealed liner.
This ammo has a red lacquer sealed primer.

50 round box - 32 Auto 73 grain FMJ ammo by Sellier Bellot."


Crate label photo from SGAmmo:


Note some of the wording on the label appears to be Romanian, at least that is how Google translates some of the words, such as:

glont = bullet
cartuse - cartridges
baza dubla = double base

So it would appear these are from a contract for Romania.

Any input or information would be most appreciated.



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Not a big fan of S&B for shooting, but I would like a round or two of that for my 7.65 collection.

Brian, thanks for sharing.

Same contract for Romania also exists in 9x19 from 2015:



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Are the headstamps any different from commercial ones?


Not sure, I have a box on order and will provide a photo when it arrives.


Brian, great, looking forward to your report.

Box arrived today, here’s the headstamp

Stamp on inside of end tab
65x17mmSR 2015 for Romania%2C c

It’s normal civilian head stamp used since 2010 on all 7.65 Br. The only difference to the standard 7.65Br of these days is the red primer seal - since 2012 most of the civilian S&B ammo production is without the primer seal. Only Police, Military and “foreign contract ammo” (on request) is still sealed.

Below is a portion of one of the photos posted by “balkslakk” in a earlier thread here on the IAA Forum
(WWII German ammunition)
The photo shows a 7.65x17mmSR S&B 2011 dated headstamp, pointed out by the blue arrow.
65x17mmSR 2011.

I wonder if this too is a contract loading for Romania?


Not necessarily…in 2011 all 7.65Br cartridges for all markets were still red sealed 😉. First year they have started “cost-cutting” was 2012. I reload this caliber for more than 20 years…i’m quite well aware when I stopped washing the brass in acetone…