S&B and INDUMIL of Colombia

Did S&B supply INDUMIL of Colombia with .38 Special cases or any other ammunition components?

Also noone? No .38 Spec. specialists here?

EOD, what I do know is that Indumil sells loaded S&B ammunition of those calibers that they not produce, but .38 Special is not the case.

Federico, I asked because I have seen an INDUMIL .38 Spc. case in Czechia in a place where only S&B cases were used.
So I assume they came from S&B too and hence my question.

Otto Witt in his book on the 38 Special documents two Indumil headstamps. One has no attribution, but the other looked to Otto like it was made by Olin. The Olin records from 1977 indicate Indumil ordered cases with the same headstamp from Olin but there is no proof that the headstamp illustrated by Otto is the Olin order.

If you will post the headstamp, I can compare them with the illustrations in Otto’s book.

If Imdumil once bought 38 Special cases, perhaps they continue to buy them. S&B is known to sell cases so it is possible.



Lew, thank you!

The one I mean now is certainly no Olin product.

Here it is:

This is a new headstamp. Previous documented headstamps in Otto’s book lacked the dot in front of “38” and were ESPECIAL.

Could be S&B! Does anyone have better information???


PS: I just remembered that I had a couple of S&B 9mm Blanks made from 38 Special cases. In both cases the shape of the 3 and 8 are quite different from the photo above, and there is no dot in front of the 38. Could still be S&B but it is a quite different style than the only examples I have.

I also checked the four S&B headstamp styles in Otto’s book and all have the same shape 3 and 8 that my headstamps do, and all lack the dot in front of the 38.

Could still be S&B made but my guess is that it is not.

EOD, I haven’t seen that one either. A fourth variation marked “SPECIAL” and not illustrated in Otto’s book also lacks the dot in front of “38” and was made by CBC, who also made for them .32 S&WL, 7,65 mm Browning and 9 mm Parabellum.

As said this one was used in Czechia and all others in the same role were S&B. Might this one just be a newly made one?

Regarding the part about Winchester making .38 Special for Colombia, it certainly is possible. There was a commercial relationship between the two factories - I mean by that that they dealt with each other. I am not implying any ownership relationship, which I know nothing about.

There is a Colombian 9mm that comes in a typical Winchester-styel box with a Spanish back label that says “Elaborado en Colombia.” Wish I had the box - I don’t, but I do have a photo of it somewhere. I have the cartridge, which has a W-W 9mm Luger headstamp but as I recall, is loaded with a bullet that Winchester had not loaded up to the time, at least, that I acquired my round. This must be 25 or more years ago now.

this company has (re)loaded several cases from many other manufacturers. In one bag, i found 40!! different hs. They sell either in Boxes (named LIMIT) or in plastic-bags of 100…all mixed headstamps. Specially this Indumil hs where in his plastic-bags on 38 Special…
This following link does not show Indumil-headstamps, but the Internet-site of this company, stating, that they manufacture -or remanufacture- ammo…
limit.cz/detail/naboje-strel … -cuzn10-1/

Have fun

Thanks for pointing this out!

Is it not unusual that cases from Colombia made it over to Czechia then or is that normal too?