S&B Cartridge Boards


I notice on S&B’s website that they appear to offer several cartridge boards. Very little information about them is provided. Has anyone actually seen these, and do they look as good as the pictures show? Available in the USA? Price?


I don’t know the price of the S&B Boards, but I would rate them as quite decent in presentation and quality. I have one of their boards I bought some years ago “off the wall” of their both at the SHOT show. I think I paid $75.00 for it, but then technically, it was “second hand” and I think all three boards they had there went for reduced prices. I was a little late in asking, with two of the boards gone already (not picked up - you couldn’t have them until the last day of the show), as I told them I would purchase all three. They didn’t really tell anyone they would be selling them, but told you only if you asked.

I certainly like my board, and frankly felt it was a bargain at what I paid, but again, it was a “sale” price.


They do look decent from the S&B pictures, and I’d be very tempted to buy one or more of them if the price and shipping are not atrocious. I sent a message of inquiry to S&B using the “Contact Us” tab on their website. I’ll make another posting if I receive a reply.

One of the local gun shops has a couple of very interesting old cartridge boards on display (definitely not for sale), one Western (probably late 1940s) and one Remington (I’d say mid-1950s, but maybe a bit later). The Western board is a real dazzler. I’m not sure about the authenticity of the Remington board but it could be. I’ll take some pictures and post them maybe later this week.


Dennis - I share your fondness for cartridge boards. Our store had a very good collection of them that hung all around the store in the shape of a horseshoe on the wall above our shotgun and rifle racks. Most are now at the Cody Museum, on more or less permanent load from the owner of the store.

I have a few and enjoy them immensely, although most are modern. I have two old British boards that are nice, one being original but a bit faded, and the other one I restores, as it was a total mess. Frame doesn’t look original at all, but the board is fairly decent now.

They really spruce up a cartridge collection room!


My dream is to find an old board in mint condition at an estate sale for $20. Probably won’t happen, but it might. A friend found an authentic “Flying Tigers” leather flight jacket that way, so such things can happen.

It’s been nearly 20 years, but on a visit to Virginia City Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, I saw what appeared to be an authentic Winchester “W” board in one of the “Old West” saloon/casinos there. It was hanging up quite high, so I couldn’t get a good look at it. I wonder if it is still there.

I guess one would be nice to dress up my cartridge collection room, which is one corner of my garage next to my workbench. It needs something.


I finally received a reply, not from S&B, but Magtech. I am posting the reply below. At those prices, I think I’ll pass. Very nice-looking boards, though. John Moss got a great deal at the SHOT show. Any opinions?

Maybe they could be persuaded to give special prices to IAA members.

The prices for the bullet boards are below:

V395100 BOARD-RIFLE $275.00
V395110 BOARD-SHELLS $225.00
V395120 BOARD-PISTOL + RIMFIRE $180.00
V395130 BOARD-MIXED $180.00
V395150 BOARD-GRAND $500.00
V395160 CLOCK $145.00

Please let me know if this would be something you would like to pursue.


Troy Duerr
Director of Operations
ph 763-235-4000
fax 763-235-4004


Those are actually not bad prices for cartridge boards, with the possible exception of the one for 500.00, which I am not familiar with. Price out original, old cartridge boards sometime. They have gone crazy in price.

The reason you heard from Magtech is that Sellier & Bellot is owned by CBC of Brazil, and Magtech is CBC’s American Branch.

I have had my board for five years or more, bought at the SHOT SHOW out of their display. You are right that I got a great deal. Had I know how cheap they were, I would have asked sooner, and bought all three boards they had in their cisplay. Still, considering they had only three boards for sale, and the thousands of people who go to the SHOT SHOW, I was lucky.


The Grand board includes all S&B ammunition, rifle, pistol, shotshell, and rimfire. That’s the one I’d want. I was unaware of the CBC ownership of S&B. The Brazilians also own Anheuser-Busch, so why not. Lots of Petrodollars in Brazil for investment in acquisitions.

Maybe I should look at the Grand board as an investment.



That Winchester Board in Virginia City was probably in Charlie Stone’s Bar. He was the unofficial
Mayor of Virginia City, and I think the “Sheriff” as well. He eventually moved from there to either Montana or Wyoming, and is passed on now. He was a good old guy, and got some interesting guns and cartridges that he sold to tourists in his joint. He never advertised any of the guns and stuff. I don’t know what the law in Nevada was then, but if he knew you at all, to buy a gun from him was a simple exchange of money for the gun. Zero paper work. He was a real character, and knowledgeable about old ammo, although he didn’t collect it at all.


Just in case, they also own MEN in Germany.