S&B-made HORNADY-headstamped 30.06


Found seven 30.06 cartridge cases today remarkably similar in every respect but one. Six were headstamped “.HORNADY.” (dot HORNADY dot/over) “30-06 SPRG”. The other headstamped “S&B” (at 12:00) orb at 1:30 and “.30-06 SPRG.” (dot 30-06 SPRG dot – in the same font as the other six/at 6:00). Considering the S&B-made .WINCHESTER. (dot WINCHESTER dot) -headstamped 45 AUTO and 380 AUTO ammo in the mid 2000’s, these dot HORNADY dot -headstamped cases presumably were also made by S&B. Not being familiar with S&B rifle cartridges; are the primers covered with red like the pistol primers, and is their 30.06 descriptor dot 30-06 SPRG dot?

308 WIN Cartridge Case, Winchester Headstamp With Dots

I can confirm that in their current advertisments S&B describe the calibre as 30-06 Spring. This I would feel is a rather outdated description of the calibre. While not unique to S&B its probably a good pointer

The vast majority of people buying the ammo today would not have even the faintest idea what Spring means or how it related to the calibre.

Ask most people today what Springfield brings to mind and they would tell you its where Homer Simpson lives.

Not all S&B rifle ammo has their “trademark” red lacquer, Im not even sure that much of it has. I have .308 FMJ in my safe that hasn’t but that could be because it is more milspec than civilian.


I have fired 3 boxes of S&B/Winchester 7.62x54R that did not have any colored sealants on them. The S&B 9.3x72R I had did not have any sealants, either.