S&B trunked cone

Hello to everybody, I have a S&B 9x19, I don’t know if is an subsonic load or other, is sealed with green paint primer and case bullet union.

Best regards and thanks!!


i see this round “labelled” subsonic 158 grains
same bullet form and green sealant

Hi ammogun, I have two subsonic rounds, the not sealed is 150 grains, the other is so similar but with green paint in the primmer, but I don’t know the weight of the bullet, these have brass projectiles, the fist message round have a shorter copper jacketed bullet.

i find my “list”
i had a mistake
your round with green sealant on case/bullet is descibed a subsonic 140grains not 158grains

Do you refer to the copper jacket one, isn’t it?

normally the copper one is the 140grains subsonic