S-J Munition (Co.)

Does anyone have any information on the S-J Munition, a brand name that seems to have been sold exclusively by the Eduard Kettner G.m.B.H. of Köln, Germany, and Malters, Luzern Kanton, Switzerland (and perhaps other locations).

Specifically, I am interested if anyone has ever actually encountered 9 x 18 mm cartridges sold under this brand name, as advertised in the Kettner catalog of 2002/2003 (from Malters location), as well as what the relationship between Kettner and S-J Munitions was - owned outright by Kettner, just a vendor to Kettner, etc. ?

Also, is the Eduard Kettner company still in business today in Germany, Switzerland, or any other country?

Finally, does anyone have a Kettner catalog from a date earlier than 2002 or later than 2003 that shows S-J as still offering 9 x 18 mm Makarov (the Kettner catalog of 1997/98 does not show this caliber, although it does show the S-J line of pistol cartridges).

The ammunition is pictured packed in a yellow and blue box.

I will be grateful for any information anyone can provide.

John, we discussed this brand in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15160

I’ll check if I have found more information.



Fede - I knew there was a previous thread on this, but couldn’t find it. I also remembered that the basic questions I just put forth were not positively addressed on the last “go around.” No real discussion of the relationship between SJ and Kettner. Also, it was mentioned that Kettner went out of busines “around the year 2000,” but there is a catalog for the years 2002/2003, so that information could not be correct. Perhaps that is when the Swiss branch become important and may the Cologne branch was closed.

Also, I got no reply to whether or not anyone knew of SJ actually producing the 9 x 18 mm Makarov round as they advertised. Advertisement does not always equal production. I was told directly by a U.S. firm that they were making the Makarov round, and only waiting for boxes to start shipping. That was about two years ago and I am still waiting. A “bird in the hand” is essential to know whether or not they actually produced the caliber that at this moment, is my sole interest in their production.

Since I don’t read German well enough to read historical information, I cannot glean from the websites whether Kettner is still in business anywhere, and I cannot find any relevant information on S-J Munition at all. It always amazes me how quickly today, unlike with the companies of old, information about companies seems to simply disappear.

By the way, I also would like to know if the brand “S-J Munition” actually manufactured ammunition so labeled, or whether like SK (other than .22 and maybe even that) seems to have been made by various sources, usually Eastern Europe, for SK. Right now, by the way, I don’t seek information on SK that is allied with Lapua.

I was hoping some of the German or Swiss collectors would know something about this, since it took place in their back yards, so to speak.