S. Stephan surplus dealer Germany

[b]Heres the site of S. Stephan. It is in english and worth browsing.

Select “Product Group” in the left red columne and then “Free Ammunition” - mostly modern stuff from all over the world.

stephan.de/php/us_frameonlin … fc70121350[/b]

So many identification errors and misplaced pictures that one would have to go to this dealer’s shop to buy anything with confidence. Looks like he has some good, inert stuff, but figuring out is a challenge.

Well, he does not necessarily know what in detail he has.
He has an easy price policy; he takes stuff and the better or more uncommon it looks the higher the price. German stuff is always overpriced. People who know their business may find good items for low prices every now and then (if they do not look pretty or unusual).