S&W 9mm Caseless

I received the picture of the 9mm caseless projectiles shown here and an interesting history from a gentleman in Brazil. These are a little out of my areas of primary interest, so I know nothing about them, and have nothing that might be used to determine the plausiblilty of the information he provided, which follows:

I had worked for 5 years in CBC (Magtech) in S

This same chap told this same basic story, although I think there are new elements here, some years ago. It is likely accurate. He would gain nothing making it up, and it was the first and only time I had seen these bullets without the charge attached. Interesting. Probably next to impossible to verify, without the invenotr’s name and with the factories now mostly in different hands.

I’ve seen Hubert Usel credited with the caseless S&W rounds. He is probably now better known for the Voere UCC rounds.

That sounds very plausible. Does anyone know that gentlemen well enough to contact him and interview him about the S&W project?

For what it is worth, I have an unfired case in my collection (the silver colored variation) and it has a hole in the mouth/front to take the post on those bullets.

Usel (or a company that he was connected to) used to have a website discussing his various caseless projects. This appears to be the current version:


The Springfield Armory NHS has several caseless SMG and ammunition (9mm and .22) donated by S&W historian Roy Jinks. However, none of them were S&W M76. Two were marked Usel, and two were converted from conventional models: a Walther MP-L and a Carl Gustav m45/B.

It looks from the website like he was the man involved with the Brazilian developments and Bangor Punta (S&W) for sure. Interesting. If anyone knows the man well enough to get an answer, why not think up some questions and interview him by email, and maybe we can developed a really scholarly rendition of the History of the Smith and Wesson 9mm Caseless Cartridge???

If I knew him at all, I would do it, but unfortunately I don’t, and he would have zero reason to have ever heard of me.

I am told that this story is covered in the 2nd volume of Mr. M