S&W grenade container

The grenade launcher says “Lake Erie Chemical Smith & Wesson”, the seller wanted to sell them together believing they were related. The container is empty. May I see what is supposed to be inside? Pepper?

There are two common types of tear gas, designated as CN (liquid) and CS (dry crystals). This one obviously uses CS which has replaced CN in military use as far as I know.

Pepper? It’s a canister of teargas. CS-gas. And launched with a blank.

Sorry, I meant Pepper Burruss, who collects stuff like this, and I hope he will chime in.

This here should be also a regular hand grenade. The launcher cup is made to hold the lever in place untill it is fired and when pushed out the lever is released, fuze set off and delay train ignited to bridge the flight time.

Rock Creek is quite nearby Lake Erie and Smith & Wesson has or had a plant in Rock Creek. So yes, the relation between the two objects seems reasonable.

S&W was also making a Schermuly type rocket line throwing gun adaptation of their N frame pistol under the “S&W Chemical Company” label around the same time frame (circa 1970-1973?).

See discussion at https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/12-line-throwing-cartridge-smith-wesson/9714/1

I would like to find one of those guns and the ignition cartridges and rockets-- and all other types of line throwing materials.