Saab A 21RB Ksp m/22 gunpod "paddan" ("the toad")

The addon “vapenkapsel paddan” (gun pod “the toad”) used on Saab A 21RB jet attack planes is kinda famous for its rather funny look and nickname. It contained eight Ksp m/22, or license-built M1919s, chambered for the 8 x 63 mm m/22 cartridge, but the ammunition load for each MG varies by sources from 400 to 800 rounds per gun. Does anyone have documentation, manuals, pilot notes, etc, stating the correct, historical load?

This is the gunpod in question:

So far most things I see point to 800 per gun (8 x 800 for a total of 6400 rds).
Would immensely appreciate any pointers to valid historical sources.



Looks really unusual and I love the aircraft!!!

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Expected you might!
Like you already probably read yourself it is a converted jet version of the Saab A 21 push-propeller plane, which itself is the attacker version of the Saab J 21 fighter.

The “R” of J and A 21RA and RB comes from “reamotor” = “reaktionsmotor” = “reaction engine”.
Really interesting aircraft, the original 21s are interesting enough on their own, but the 21Rs being one of only two types of aicraft converted from propeller to jet propulsion makes them super cool.


In the A21A-3 manual of arms it is just described to have 2 magazines on each side of the pod, each with 400 rounds of ammo. That’s it. Make of it what you want but i heard they are opening it soon as they are documenting the J21’s at the museum.

EDIT i dont have the manual i sent an email to flygvapenmuseum a few years back asking about it.

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Ole, yes, as you figured I noticed the prop-version. And not that I spent about 20 years being interested in aircraft but this interest has cooled down over the past years. And too many interests I am having anyways…

That is Super Cool! Thanks!