Saboted bullet ctges

From left to right
Hstp RP 357 Magnum
Hstp RP 357 Magnum
Hstp RP 44 Rem Mag

What is the excat designation of these ctges ?
Value ?

From the picture it looks to me like the cartridges Bob Olsen designed while he worked at Dan Wesson Arms. Dan Wesson did not pick up the concept because one could put a standard 357 mag cartridge into the revolver converted to the 25/357, and of course things would not go well at that point. If this is correct Bob called them “Invicta” rounds and as I recall Bob held a patent on this in the US anyway. I will check my files I might have a copy of the patent paperwork.
Not many were made by Bob but I don’t thing they have much value to them.
One of the rounds that I got from him, the 357/44 mag. has a 1982 date that he wrote on the case himself.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the info
I didn’t know the story

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