Safe easy method to dye/color cartridge brass?

I’m am an experienced “mature” reloader and shooter, having been reloading for 55+ years. Back when I was competing regularly (1970-90s), I met an older gentleman that dyed/stained/colored his brass to distinguish it from all the other shooters on the firing line. I recall he used two colors for different calibers/loads - but no longer remember what colors they were.

I load and shoot multiple “wildcats” based on 5.56x45 NATO parent cases: .20 Viper, .22 Javelina, 6mm Mongoose, .257 Ocelot, .277 Wolverine, 6.8 Badger, and 7.62x40. Having a safe (do at home, no industrial chemical labs) easy way to permanently dye/color the brass would be extremely helpful… as well as increase shooter safety.

Are any of you aware of a safe, home hobbyist method to color my brass (safe for ME and the brass)? Many thanks!! R.J.

If you make a search of the Forum for; “Blackening Brass Cases,” you will see some suggestions.
Should be possible to make a two-tone effect.

When I was match shooting I would just do a stripe / bar on the head with a magic marker. Then picking up the brass was easier to sort. After reIoading it was easy to just hit the head with the marker again to refresh the color.
Not permanent, but quick & easy

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Pete, I’ve worn out and used up countless magic markers over the decades… marking case heads, primers, etc. I still use this method when loading test ladders for new loads. I’m hoping for a more permanent solution that will last through case washing, polishing, annealing, etc. Thanks though.

First thought that comes to mind is Birchwood Caset Brass Black, and there are metal dyes of various colours.

Try these guys and see if they have what you need:

Thanks! I’ve emailed Steel F/X to ask about viability and safety for cartridge brass. This might be exactly the ticket I was looking for!!

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Sam3, thanks. I’d tried BC Brass Black 35-40 years ago, and had actually forgotten about it until I saw the name again. Might be worth another try - good for one color.

You are most welcome, I attempt to serve whenever possible.

We used their products a few years ago, though I do not remember specifically which, but were happy with them.