Safeshot 9mm box


The seller, a local police officer, remembered using these for training a long time ago, using a special barrel. Another gun show patron thought it was used in harpoon launching. Was he right? This box must be relatively old since it carries a Manhattan address.


I’ll ask around…the lead free (LF) primer suggests it’s a relatively recent load.

re: harpoon launching…I doubt that any service handgun (SW 5906, SIG 226, others listed on the box) would be of any use in harpoon/line launching.


here a pict of the harpoon cartridge


The Safeshot cartridges are used with special slides for various pistols and it has a laser system for safe “Force on Force” training. The company is MPRI. … 52a70.html … tol_08.pdf

(I knew I had seen those cartridges before somewhere).


Gyrojet, are the black lines across the base of the harpoon cartridges factory or added later? Nice box.