Safety bullet collectors set


Available now. There is also a topic in the old forum about Safety Bullet.



I have seen the video and the concept is ingenious. But I don’t think that bullets with that cylindrical shape will feed so easily in many semi-auto pistols. OK, you can feed the first round directly in the chamber by hand, but what when you try to chamber the second one by racking the slide?


Unless I am mistaken, you need only 1 such round per gun. All the rounds in the magazine are regular, normal. The first chambered safety bullet must be ejected by the owner to activate normal firing. The person (anyone but the gun owner) not aware of the presence of safety bullet will fire it thus lodging the bullet in the chamber and thus disabling the gun.


If you see the video at, they advocate the use of 2 of these rounds, one in the chamber and other the upper one in the magazine. But then they too suggest that you can have the pistol loaded with a magazine full of their safety bullets, and keep aside a magazine full of live ammo just in case of need…


Have his first collectors set. Am going to ask if he will sell the new additions to collectors at a reduced price.



I found this at a range. Looks very much like a safety bullet design.



sksvlad, that looks like a Simunition paintball mt case.


That looks more like a fired “Simunition” (simulator training round) They fire a paint marker round (think police paint ball, using your duty weapon).


That definitely is a fired round from one of the Simmunition paint cartridges. My understanding is that the plastic part moving forward like that acts like a piston to work the action of the guns with special barrels used to fire these. There have been a myriad of headstamp styles, paint colors, etc., making these interesting and quite collectable.