Safety First --9x19mm Safety Cartridge

These two rounds are not from my collection. All I know is that they are apparently made by a company named Safety First. They were made before 2008 (when I first photographed them) but have a WIN 9mm LUGER headstamp so they are not very old. The white round has a snapped primer but the black round looks like it has a live primer.

I tried the internet, but “Safety First” gave me nothing relevant. Has anyone seen these or know anything about Safety First???



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Lew, is it may be something like that here:

Maybe an early attempt, if it has a live primer, it could be…



The black plastic round was almost certainly a product of the Scottsdale, Arizona (probably not still in business there) Company, Safety-First. Safety Bullet LLC, of Florida, makes a product that functions about the same as the Safety-First round, but the projectile, both there first type from several years ago, and their rebirth lately with a newer design of the “projectile,” are quite different. The best known version of the Safety-First cartridge has the plastic portion in red color, by the way. It is the only type I have.

John Moss

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Lew, my earliest information about this cartridge dates from 1993, where the white model is mentioned. Here is an ad from 1996 and copy of the patents.

5394635.pdf (402.9 KB)
5347739.pdf (365.6 KB)



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I’ve seen it all now. Whilst it may stop her firing a live round it wont stop her from pistol whipping someone!

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Pete and John, Great information.

Has anyone seen these in other calibers or colors. Images would be appreciated.


Thanks for these info gentlemen.
I have one(black) in my collection. Got it last year on a NVBMB meeting from a German collector. It indeed seems to have a live primer. So, I assume, the projectile will move at least a bit when fired… But how to remove from a pistol then, in case of emercency??? Just slide and adjust?