SAGA brand shotshells of Spain

For some reason, a post from yesterday about this brand disappeared, so here it is again, with photo.

I noticed this 32ga SAGA brand ammo from Spain online yesterday and have not seen it in the U.S. before. There is only one retailer in the U.S. that seems to have any of their brand - Outdoorlimited, with this 32ga load. The package style looks like an earlier generation compared to the ones they have now.

DocAV had responded yesterday to the original post, saying that Saga makes all types of shotshell ammo, and that they are common in Europe.


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Hi Matt, your previous post must be on a limbo: Spanish SAGA brand shotshells

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Thanks Fede, I deleted that. It’s something I have done before I think, and it happens when I create a topic on the forum homepage, but am not inside of any folder, such as general-discussion, or buy/sell/trade. I don’t know if non-moderators can even do that, but somehow I accidentally did it and it goes in sort of limbo.

Matt, cartridges made by Saga were imported before into the US under the “Wolf” brand owned by Sporting Supplies International, Inc. I have seen them in 12 ga. only.