Sage Control Ordnance rubber bullet crowd control

Help me out here, and don’t ask me why I’ve bought it at the last show because I don’t know myself. Is it a rubber bullet crowd control?


ARWEN (Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield?) Rubber Baton round. Used to modify the attitude of folks not playing nice, as you indicated. Kind of neat how they use a modified .44 Mag. case for the propelling charge. There are other loads as well I think including gas. Pepper likely has the whole set of these and the story to boot?..


These things are amazing. Apparently meant to be fired into the ground in front of the target(s) and then to strike on the bounce. Got to HURT BAD, even on a bounce. No wonder people were killed.

I have an article on Less Lethal ammo on my website here:

Theres a photo of British ammo in it, shown below:

This is the card that was issued to Soldiers who were authorised to use the PVC(Plastic) Baton rounds, the ROE were different to using the Rubber Baton rds.

I’ve fired the rubber and PVC rds at rioting crowds and dare I say it …great fun.

Nice photo, thanks for sharing.

Vlad…I think I gifted that round to your son…so now worries "it’s was “cheap”

Yuppers…a drawer full and these are mostly 37 mm (and LAST year’s photo…pre SLICS 09…it’s grown since then)

You have a SAGE product ( a sort of “copy”…long story…of the Arwen type rounds)

Sage Control Ordnance, Inc.
6340 N. Sage Street
Oscoda, MI 48750

As copied from their web site

“Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. offers a variety of ammunition to meet the needs of law enforcement and military organizations. Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. produced 37mm ammunition can safely be launched from Sage SL-6, Sage SL-1, Sage 201 USLS, ARWEN®* 37 or ARWEN®* ACE launchers. In addition, Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. also offers training ammunition and a training/reloading capability for many of the ammunition types below, which greatly reduce training costs.”

Beginning in 1991, as the first entrants into the rifled barrel less-lethal technology arena, Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. and Sage International, Ltd. pioneered the use of these unique law enforcement tools and set many of the standards for kinetic energy baton impact ammunition performance.

Sage Control Ordnance, Inc.'s 37mm Less Lethal Launched Ammunition and Ordnance System has continued to evolve since its inception in 1991. The specific needs of law enforcement and corrections have precipitated and driven this evolution. The current 37mm system addresses individual incapacitation, crowd control and mobile field force operations. Currently available are two 40mm (40x46) ammunition variants, KO41 & KO48 (6 types) of kinetic energy baton ammunition. The 40mm system will parallel the 37mm ammunition system with new variants being added as testing is completed

PS…the three photos are of one drawer of “less lethal”…one day we can post it’s dozen drawers of mates…

Always remember , not “non lethal”…they are supposedly…“less lethal”…or “less than lethal”…as all have claimed causalities at one time or another


Nice to see in print these were not to be bounced. Learn something new every day! Thanks or should I sat Ta.

Wow! It was just a “wild guess” that Pepper would have a bunch of this type of round, but man, that’s impressive!

Pepper, are those separated modified .44 Mag. case propelling charges in the lower middle of the last photo? Were these alway the aluminum CCIs with a Berdan primer?


yes .44 Rem Mag cases with either none, or a red or a green base colored cross stripe (power level)…and then a myriad of other power indicators from a red to green “rubber band” in the extractor groove, to the actual “model number” on the side of the case…to the color of the label (with the model number on it)