Sako 25-06 ammo with 107E bullet

I recently picked up a few boxes of Sako 25-06 ammo at an estate sale. It’s marked as having a 6G bullet, which I assume means 6 grams. This equals 92.5 grains. It’s unusual for a 25-06 bullet because it is a flat point. The box is marked 107E, which I understand is Sako’s number for the bullet and that this same bullet was used in some Sako 25-35 loads.

What might the intended use be? Why load such a light, frangible bullet at 25-06 velocities? Why a flat point in a 25-06?

Is this ammo collectable or should I just use it for sighting in / practice and reload the cases? If it’s collectable, what’s it worth and where should I sell it?

Well, this is probably a case of reporting the obvious, but I am not sure of the question under the circumstances. You mention that the bullet was also used by Sako in .25-35 ammunition. Since the primary rifle chambered for the 25-35 was the tubular magazine Winchester Model 94 (along with its Marlin competitor), that of itself would explain the flat-point bullet, preventing ignition of “bullet-nose to primer-face” arrangement of the cartridges in the magazine due to recoil. I cannot answer why they would load this bullet weight in .25-06 - perhaps only Sako could politively answer that, but if factory loaded, the choice of the bullets themselves might be a matter of convenience and economy for the factory.