Sako 30-06

Hello, recently found a SAKO 30-06 metal detecting, at an old gun range on the coast of SA. I am disappointed that this shell has no date on it.

Was just wondering where SAKO produced in Australia (if they did at all) and what years they were active.

Also if a rough date on this shell is possible?

Cheers Hamish

SAKO did NOT produce any ammo
In Australia. All SAKO ammo was imported from Finland from the
Mid-1950s onwards( as well as their excellent rifles, starting with the .222 Rem calibre L46 model.)

Doc AV

Cheers doc,
Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.
Is there any specific reason why Finnish bullets were here in those years or just by coincidence or a few individuals bringing them over?

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EOD - thanks for the link to the new Sako catalog. Interesting to see that it is now part of the Beretta Group. I assume that means that Beretta now owns Sako. You sure can’t tell the players without a program in the world’s ammunition businesses these days!

John Moss

John, just to make it simpler, here the direct link to the catalogs (from the site).
Seems not all catalogs are existing in the 2019 version.

Commercial Ammo 2019:

Defence & LE 2016:

Defence 2017:

SAKO ammunition was available at retail level in Australia not long after WW2. As were their excellent rifles. The shorter action was available in at least two calibres, 222 and222 Magnum, I had one of each. Sad stories why I no longer possess them.
There was also a longer action which i believe was chambered for the 30.06 and probably explains your cartridge case.

DocAV, SAKO did produced ammunition in Australia. It was loaded by Olin Australia Limited using SAKO components.



Winchester Australia loaded with Sako components. Identified by the sticker on the back. Started in around 1988 but not sure how long it lasted.
Calibres included 22 Hornet, 222 Rem (pictured), 243, 270 and 308. 22-250 also reported.

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Fede, Sako had Winchester Assemble their ammo brand in Australia…Sako never itself “made”
anything in Australia. OLIN (Winchester) simply assembled the ammo with SAKO Finnish made components…Primers
may have been Winchester or VIHTAVUORI, and the powder…who knows ( Aussie, US or European).
This sort of Cartel Arrangement really started after WWIIin the commercial rifle/ pistol ammo field, it already existed for shotshell ammo before WWI!

Doc AV

DocAV, that is what I said in my previous post, because you stated that “All SAKO ammo was imported from Finland”.