Sako 7x33mm Packet

I had a search on the Forum and I could not see this packet in any previous posts. I picked this up at a local gun shop and it contained 20 fired cases, all brass with brass primers. I could not resist for it is something exotic and different for me. The headstamp is shown in the attached image. The code on the inside of the top flap is Y5 26.

Sako packets have been discussed in a previous thread:

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Nice box, another variation, but empty.

What does the “L” in the 7 x 33L designation mean? That is a nice box too. Sako make some colourful packets.

As it is a hunting cartridge (Metsästys-Patruuna), the L points to Lyijykärkinen, which is lead tip. means softnose or softpoint ammo…