SAKO 9mmP boxes

I found these images with a google image search (although I don’t remember the exact source, it was from a Finnish Museum website).

I have a couple of queries for the 9mm, Finnish, or auto pistol guys (or anyone else who knows!).

Are these boxes seen much outside of Europe or even out of Finland?
Are they military, commercial, not known?

Oops, the first one is not 9mm!

The VRT and the SO43 9mm are relatively common in Denmark since danes took part in the winter war, that is to be expected.
Boxes are not common though, as 50 cartridges are a bit much as a souvenir. they do pop up in special collections as the sadly now closed Home Guard guns and materiel exhibition. They were a place were you could get rid of “granddad’s old guns and ammo from the war” instead of the bureaucratic way we do it today.