Sako & Black Hills .300 Blackout

Does anyone have a good image scan or sharp photo of the Sako or Black Hills .300 Blackout headstamps? I have seen a blurry image of the Sako one, but none has been imported into the U.S., so is not available to me. I have been told of the Black Hills .300 BLK headstamp by a collector, but in the U.S. I have only seen their .300 Whisper headstamp. I am wondering if the Blackout version from Black Hills was part of the contract of .300 BLK rifles that went to Dutch Maritime special forces in 2016? Or maybe those headstamps are the result of the FBI hostage-rescue team’s contract for subsonic .300 Blackout ammo from Black Hills in 2017? I have not seen that headstamp yet myself.

Has anyone in Europe seen much of the Sako .300 Blackout ammo, or brass cases in any instance? There has been none of it in the U.S. unfortunately.

Hi Matt,
I got the SAKO 300 BLK in Holland.
Will send you the original size one as well

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Does anybody know what load this is and what the hs on the case is?
Looks much like a Soviet designed 7.62x39 “VD” projectile.
Could this be the Geco hs (then made in Hungary)?

Morning Alex, will check for you this evening

Daan, great, thanks a lot!

The headstamp is TNQ 300 BLK (Team Never Quit). The bullet resembles the LeHigh Defense with three long slits, almost the entire length of the bullet. I’m sure Matt will assist with the correct name, mine came from him

Daan, thanks!
The profile looks very similar to the mentioned “VD”.

Is the core of this one one piece of solid lead? Does it have a hollow point?

The projectile is a 200gr Maker Bullets “REX” solid-copper expanding bullet. The brass is from the short-lived “Team Never-Quit” brand. I believe I acquired the loaded ammo from Stillwood Ammunition, who was using these components. They still show it on their website.

There are a few small brands who load the Maker projectiles like these in .300BLK. Detroit Ammo loads them, and Black Butterfly does as well. At $29.99, Black Butterfly is about as low per rd as you find on this sort of load.!/Black-Butterfly-Ammunition-Premium-300-AAC-Blackout-200-gr-Maker-BUZZ-SAW/p/119404287

Matt, thanks, this explains it all.