SAKO packets, Lapua and VPT headstamped contents correct?

These SAKO packets came in a trade recently with two rounds in each box.

The headstamps are
6.3x53R - VPT 38
6.5x52R - LAPUA 6.5x52R
7x54 - LAPUA 7x54
9.3x53R - LAPUA 9.3x53R

Are these the correct cartridges for the boxes? They are ‘packet fresh’ looking and it seems like they are correct but would like to know with a bit more certainty.
If so are they Lapua/VPT loaded cartridges packaged by SAKO or Lapua/VPT cases loaded and packaged by SAKO?

An idea of what era these boxes are from would also be nice. They are certainly rare here in Australia and they are a great addition to my SAKO collection.

All those cartridges are “Factory Wildcats” mostly developed in Finland, for various ex Military action rifles ( Mostly Mosin Nagants and Swedish
M96 Mauser).

The 6,3x53 R is based on the Russian and Finnish 7,62x54R case ( in Finland referred to as “53R”), and used in Mosins and the occasional Ross Mark III rifle ( for Running Deer Competition…World and Olympic championships)…effectively a “.25 Russian”. Power equivalent to Aussie .303/25.

The 7x54 is a derivation from the 6,5x55 Swede Mauser, ( in Scandinavia) and was also used in France ( where it was derived from the 7,5x54 MAS case, for “civilianizing” sporting rifles and MAS36 Hunting rifles made by Manufrance – 7,5MAS in France is a Cat.1 calibre ( Military only).

The 6,5x52R looks like a .264 version of the 22 Savage HP ( which in Europe is 5,6x52R.

And the 9,3x53R is simply a .360 version of the Russian /Finnish Miltary cartridge ( For heavy Moose and Bear, as in Polar)…again, on Mosin actioned sporting rifles.

The Russians also made the 9x54R Medved ( “Bear”) cartridge, for use in both Bolt guns and a semi-auto sporter rifle, of which some were available in Australia in the late 1960s, early 70s ( Baikal importers, in SSAA Journal of the time).

The LAPUA H/S cases are new Made, ( for the calibre concerned) whilst the 6,3x53R is an old VPT Military brass case, recycled to make the smaller calibre ( either Pulled-down Military ammo, or once fired brass of same.)

In the 1950s ( era of the packets) SAKO, Lapua and VPT were effectively the one “combine” as far as Ammunition was concerned ( the conditions of the 1944 Armistice with the Soviet Union caused a “Re-organisation” of ammo plants in Finland, all of which were wholly or partially Gov’t owned and operated. ( for both Military and civil production).

Nice find, both Packets and original cartridges to go with them.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

The 6.5 X 52R is the metric name of the 25-35 Winchester

The finnish 6.3 x 53 R is a unique caliber that is not the same as the russian 6.5 x 54 R. It’s loaded with a 6.5 mm bullet and the second a 6.7 mm bullet.

It is good to know these are the right box contents.
And some handy extra info too, Thanks.

Here is a bit more info:

It is quite common to find Lapua (including VPT) hs in Sako packets and these are known across almost the entire range of sporting calibres listed by both companies. Lapua packets are less common.

Note Lapua hs typically are:
VPT = 1925-c1945
VMT = 1947-1949
VALMET = c1950-1954
LAPUA from 1955

6.3x53R : originally produced with “VPT” case dated from 1934-1943. After WW2 produced with proper SAKO hs and supposedly “LAPUA” hs although I have yet to see such a “LAPUA” hs and doubt it exists ?

7x53R is known with SAKO, LAPUA and VPT hs
8.2x53R is known with SAKO and LAPUA hs
9.3x53R is known with SAKO, LAPUA, VMT and VPT hs

7x54 is known with SAKO, LAPUA and VPT hs
6.5x52R is known with SAKO, LAPUA and VPT hs