SAKO round 9.5 x 14.5 mm

In the bottom of a box of cartridges I got
I found two cartridges with the HS 9,5 x 14,5 and SAKO
The bullet is very close to a std 9 mm Ogival FMJ.
Ø is 9,13 mm, a bit fat for a ‘standard’ 9 mm.
Is this a round for some Cattle Killer device ?

you need to describe the bullet material?

Yes - Cattle Killer cartridges - many devices chambered these 9mm cartridges which is probably the commonest such cartridge.

I wondered about this headstamp many years ago and came to the conclusion that it could be a conversion of caliber .380 til mm.

Some info on Scandinavian CK cartridges:


do exist pictures of these rounds ?

Courtesy of the ECRA Dataviewer : Not to exact scale:

Not sure about the validity of the bullet for the SAKO case ?

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Hi guys, thank you all.
The No 2 cartridge above is the one I have.
And while we are at it, I have 2 X of the third too: What peculiarity is this? OK: Cattle Killer

Vidar: Did SAKO really make .380 short with the 9,5x14,5 HS?

thank for the picture and nice rounds

first time that i see a cattle killer round with fmj bullet (except the 7.65 browning on another topic)

No, I don’t think SAKO ever made .380 short cartridges. It’s my speculation that when they decided to make cattle killer cartridges they simply took the .380 dimensions. When the designation was converted to metric, it was 9.6, but then rounded down to 9.5 mm. I contacted SAKO a long time ago, but they had no explanation. The only documentation in my library for this cartridge,

is this very small 1963 catalog that shows a 9,5x14,5 empty case.

As shown on the picture above, the FMJ bullet is very close to an ordinary .355 9x19 bullet.
Still the measurement is NOT .355 but some .357(5). The 380 short is normally a 355 bullet, too?
… as is most FMJ 9 mm bullets?

Furthermore to the observations of the 9,5 mm cartridge:
1: The specimen pictured above has a red(ish) mark / laquer over the HS.
Mine has the same mark, but in a green(ish) paint. May these be a color-code
for the charge?
2: As described the bullet is .357 (9,13 mm). What other cartridge(s) was loaded with an ogival
cal 357 bullet?33ACFD77-CCB3-4122-A175-ED007D0A9DEF

if this cartridge is a CK ,maybe the color strip is for the power of the charge
green: weak or middle
red: extra strong
(i’m based on 9x17R blanks CK)

Hi ag,
can you pls explain the ‘CK’ ?

CK :cattle killer

So easy.
Thank you