Sale 13 catalog

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CLOSING June 30, 2012 and cost is $25.00 for U.S. buyers or $32.00 for overseas & Canada payable in U.S. funds.
Please make payment payable to “ Pete deCoux “.

We also accept PalPay {Please link through our website for the correct address, which is: } checks or money orders for the catalog,

Only catalog buyers will be permitted to bid.

Catalogs to be back from the printer and posted early June.

Featured in the 761 lots are: .50 North Carolina Rifle, .52 Sharps Carbine Linen by Watervliet, European & US combustibles, 11.15x14R Javelle, 12 ga. Needham C.F. Needle Gun shell, .55 Meigs expmtl., Two black boxes, .40-40 M-1867 “Big Cap”, 1” Bar primed Gatling Canister, .22 short “Victor”, .22 LR Peters purple anodized aluminum board dummy, 14.5x32.5 R Waenzl M-67 by J. Novokny, Keystone Metallic Cartridge Works .32 Long box, 71@ 22 boxes including a Western GALLERY SPECIAL, two WRACo. SPOTLIGHT boxes, a SatterProof, and a Federal SPITFIRE. .30-30 Wesson, .401 Win S.L. expmtl. dummy, .42 Wesson 2.5” necked, .38 & .44 CLMR dummies, .44-100 2.8” Ballard Everlasting w/ 2-piece head, steel .45-70 Gallery, .45-70 (85?)-480 “What Cheer”, .38 CLMR & 38 Winchester bullet boxes, .44-100-500 25/8” neck. Sharps Rifle Co. “white” box, .45-70 Line Throwing blank crate, 22 Light rifle Duplex w/ orange band, 5.56x45 expmtl. duplex, 236 Lee Navy pencil, .256 “double taper” Volume Test case, .30 Carbine A.P., .30 M-1906 aluminum pressure test case, .30 expmtl. “whole case” blank, .30 Light rifle FAT1E1 Tracer T102, FA .30 x 51mm Ignition Test Exp., WRA 56 steel 7,62x51 case expmtl., 7.62x51 NATO blank BOARD by N.W.M., .45 Bore Soper Rifle, .500 Rafiki, 2@ 600 3” NE plus 2@ sealed boxes, 2@ 12 ga. Explora, 4 ga rifle by Imperial, .270 British API, .303 inch RTS Mk 2, Pattern Il, .577 Snider SA Instructional Dummy blank, DWM # 498, # 431D and # 395E, 5.6x46 Russian Biathlon, brass-cased 7.9x33 Kurz, 7.9x107 Maroszek, 10.15x63 R Serbian Mauser Model 78/80, Trounds, caseless & Gyrojets, South African 12.7x99 Headlight Tracer, .5 inch High-velocity Vickers MG tracer, Cal. .60 U.S. MG ignition test case, 20x42 mm Neopup dummy, 20x102 Marquardt, 90mm M19, 7.62x63mm PZAM, 7.65 Glisenti M-1906, 9.1mm Abadie, S&W Self-Lube examples, D.C.Co. 44 CLOT, rimmed 11.35mm Schouboe, 11mm Bergmann, .450 Mars {long case}, .45 M-1911 w/ wood-cored bullet, .45 M-1911 expmtl. shot cartridge, .455 Webley MK I Powder, .500 Royal Irish Constabulary, .500 Tranter Proof, 12.3x22R Russian Revolver dummy, .58 White Auto, 1925 Polte Magdeburg, 9mm M08 Luger dummy box, British gunmakers shotgun chamber gauge set, 1 1/2 Eley Punt gun shell, 4@ 4 ga., 8 ga. Draper, 8 ga. Strong Cannon shell, Remingtom “Market Test” set, several expmtl. Winchester {Olin} plastic shells, W.R.A.Co. XX, W.R.A.Co. Repeater w/ fancy case print, expmtl. Mettax or Alumac brand Eley-Kynoch aluminum case, DELMARD Patent, Draper Patent for Allen primers, Kilby, Buffington patent, GAVARD patent, W.R.A. ZINC body .410, Winchester Nublack box, 5@ Sample sets, uncommon Industrial / Kiln gun shells, VERY RARE Winchester deodorant stick bottle.

Plus numerous collections, good boxes, flares, primers & tins, powder tin, big bore, mortar, advertising, books & catalogs.
And other good items we just don’t have the space to list here !

Pete deCoux
14940 N. Brenda Road
Prescott AZ 86305-5619