Sale/Trade Lists


I used to get 3 or 4 different cartridge sale/trade lists every few weeks from different collectors. Some have disappeared, others have gone on-line. Please let me know if you know of or have a sale/trade list. Slow mail or e-mail would be great.


I would like to send and/or receive e-photos (thus if e-mailed would be color)(and if a decent resolution, could be zoomed by viewer) as I like to see what someone might be offering for trade or sale…and for me…I won’t put the time or effort into keeping any current lists of what I have available for trade (presume others feel the same way)…thus I would like to exchange a few jpg’s. Any one who then would be interested in something in a photo could e-mail and ask if a particular cartridge is still available…and/or ask for more info on a particular round in the photo.


A lot of guys used to do handwritten or typed lists, and keeping them current would have been a real chore. The ease of updating those kinds of lists today would lead me to believe there should be more sale/trade lists in circulation.
Oh well, I’d still like to get or hear of any.


I used to send out typewritten lists, then got a computer and used a Lotus spreadsheet for my lists, and eventually set up a web page with my ‘for sale or trade’ lists. The web page approach is sure a lot easier and provides worldwide exposure without the postage.

Please take a look at

I have quite a lot more there than the for sale lists, including pictures with comments of some of the items I have stumbled across over the years.


Guy has a nice sales site, easy to get around in, fast loading and reasonable priced.