Sales Material

Message to all and Paul Smith
I know it is against the rules to present sales materiel on the Forum post,however I believe that there
are times when it should be left alone,it hurts no one.The way that Paul presented some of those
list was in itself very interesting aand educatuel I learnt a lot out of those list in particular regarding
those 577-450 Martini Henry rounds sale or no sale they were nice pics thanks Paul.That list from
John Belton at times took my breath away and at the same time brought back memories about the
Man I had once known.

Peter - I’m not sure I understand what you are talking about.

If you are referring to this recently edited post ALL SOLD - 577/450 Rounds for Sale then know that this dates from many years ago and that Fede (one on the moderators) relinked images that had long ago purged because of the changes by Photobucket. Those rounds were from the collection of Jim Russell and not from John Belton.

As there were current discussion to “LDP” headstamps in another thread, my guess is that Fede relinked the 577/450 images in case they had any connection - thanks, Fede.


OK, now I want to ask something.
The thread was started by Serryl (posting #1) , Paul answered (posting #2) and referred to something “Peter” said. WHICH PETER?
My posting here is #3. I can not see anything a “Peter” has written.
I noticed this in the past weeks in other threads too where people were referring to postings which I CAN NOT SEE.


Sorry for being kinda off-topic - though it is on-topic since I would like to follow the discussion.

Here a screenshot of what I see so noone thinks that I am high or so.

EOD, click on the green S, and you will see sherryl’s name is Peter…
I only see 3 poster here also.
Dan (#4!)

Dan, oh well, this clearly was ignorance on my side (again). Thank you for setting it straight.

Thank you for the inquiry Paul this time I refered to the nice pictures
from the 577-450 Martini Henrys and the very latest list of Snider rounds
That you tried to sell I think you did an excellent job also from an
educationel view point I wish you and Will White luck with it to be honest
I was surprised over 3 of those head stamps on those 577-450 Paul I
have to consider my age now when I look at some of those sweetys
I go nuts.And yes I am Peter