Sales pitch for IAA

I got IAA DVD at the show, I think it is a good deal. It actually started 3 years before I was born. And don’t forget a cool IAA button!!!

ISSUE NO, 1, October 1955
We are happy to announce the results of our First Election:
President – Salvatore Guarini, 6S1 E. Santa Inez
San Mateo, California
Vice-President – Wm. H. Woodin, Rt. 4, Box 251
Tucson, Arizona
Secretary~Treasurer – A. Donald Amesbury, ~O65 Montecito Ave.
Tucson, Arizona

"D 0 N I T F 0 R G E T 1960 D U E S 0 F $2.00 A R E D U E Jan. i, 1960!

Oh, forgot to add. My hat is off for those of you who’s come to SLICS from far-away places, carrying heavy loads of ammo, battling customs and the “un-people” who create moronic laws of ammo exportation and importation, paying through your teeth for every step and still maintaining good spirits. And I thought my 2342 mile trip was a big hardship!!! I just tossed anything into the car and went. Again, hats off for all exhibitors!!!

I was hoping to be able to make it to SLICS this year, but with the exchange rates as they are at the moment I just couldn’t afford it. I will do my best to try and be there next year.