Sales sample


Are these sales man samples for these Nato Calibers are a common item?does anybody out there know
more about them? like how many were made or distributed? this one came from someone that once was
a member of the Bundeswehr and worked in the ordnance department.


Sorry, Sherryl, your post had no picture attached (that I could see).


Sorry for the mess I tried once more to send pictures trough the Forum this will be the last time
I am just no good with these things believe me nobody is more sorry than I myself this whole
process is to complicated however your request made it possible to send this at least to you
it was a process i did not manage to complete on the computer


To me it is a commercially made souvenir. Looks like ballpens.


Or a prison assassination kit.


Of course EOD they are ball point pens at least the one the primer pockets are emty and it is a Nato sample
it came from someone that once served in the Waffenkammer of the Bundeswehr that dealt with sales
personal.I bought this from his widow and a large part of his firearms collection in the 1990 shortly after
they immigrated he passed away, I am even in possession of his (Hundemarke) dogtag.So a commercially
produced souvenier it is not.there is a few more small things he liberated while he was there and some day
I like some answers to them.


Why should this guy not have possessed an ammo related souvenir? Most of us here actually do.
Only because this person worked in the procurement branch does not mean that all he owns is legit and authentic from the industry.

Also the markings on the tiny box do not look like anything I have seen from a real ammunition manufacturer.
And I have visited plenty of defence shows and also manufacturers themselfes and saaw many hand outs and presentation items.
The term used on the lid is nothing one from the business would apply there as markings would refer to the content and not simply to the box itself saying “ammo box”. The wording there is typical for somebody who is not into ammo at all.


I see it as a typical present to someone going into retirement by his colleagues.


This is a commercial box with 3 ballpens that was for sale many many years ago.
As a kid, I had one myself. I might still have the box somewhere but not the contents.
It is not related to any salesmen samples or specifically to the Bundeswehr.
I bought mine when I was still living in Holland



Et voilà!


I made the stupidity not to show the headstamp of those cartridges wich is ( DAG 762+51) could they
have been the ones that made and issued that box?