Salesman's sample

New here, I’ve been lurking around for a while now and just registered. I have been collecting ammunition off and on for years. I picked up a Remington Peters salesman sample a few months ago. Just thought I would show some pictures and get your thoughts on it.

Welcome tracker366

I’ve not sen one like it before. Are the cartridges all dummies? How have they been inerted? Are the fastened to the backing ? They look as if they are just laid-out & not even in a straight line. Also on other sample sets the sectioned bullets should or would be near the rounds they advertise. How does the salesman carry these?

I’ve seen the small box with the Core-Lokt bullet samples before.

Yes the cartridges are all dummies. All have holes punched in the primers and some have holes in the cases. The material they are on is something like microfiber and the cartridges have some old type of velcro glued to them. They are all removable. I am assuming these were made in the mid 70s. They all fit in the briefcase.

The holes in the primers are punched & not drilled?

Thanks for the explanation.

Nice set!

Winchester made similar setups, but in a zipper closing binder. Cartridges and components have velcro on them and can be changed. The ones I have seen were primarily aimed at the LE dealers and departments. I have one of the kits, along with a fair number of extra cartridges that could be exchanged on the two boards in each side of the binder. There were enough extras that I could put many of the auto pistol calibers in my singles collection without taking them off the board (which I would not do).

Nice item. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is the first one of this kind that I have seen from Remington. In fact, the only other ones like them I have, both in zippered binders, are from Tula, in Russia. One represents their brand, Tula, and is in English. The other is for WOLF and is in Russian. Funny - you would think they would be the opposite.

Thanks I’ve seen a few zipper ones before but I was always to late for the