Saloon cartridges

I picked this tin up at the weekend but the label has me mystified.

I can understand the concept of the saloon cartridge but who on earth would want a blank version?

Are tins like this of any interest? I’m a collector so I bought them because they were there but they’re a bit arcane for me.

Happy collecting, Peter

Hi Pete.

These were used in starter pistols and some industrial applications. Also, by anyone who wanted to make a loud noise. The fact that it was crimped would indicate that it contained a small amount of powder to make a loud bang (starters pistol). This is a modern tin as far as Floberts or Saloon cartridges are concerned. Although I consider anything after the 1920’s as modern…


The “saloon” implies that these were to be used inside. Many theatrical applications used such items in performance. These would be worth more to a collector than a shooter, although , I am in favor of gunners shooting up all the rare ammo which they find. It makes mine all the more valuable. FIRE AWAY ! Stimulate the economy. Year ago I bought a full box of the raised Comblain headstamped cartridges at a show in Nashville Tn. All except for 1 had been fired. Keep it up ! I really like to see fired one inch Gatling cannister cartridges. Does anyone have a fired Schubarth ?

Are they basically a .22 short blank. ln fact shorter than a .22 short? A CB blank perhaps is the correct definition?

If so they used to sell tins of blanks like that in sports shops for one of the popular (cheap) starting pistols when I was a boy.

The No1 was the smallest blank. Used in I think a Webley (?) starting pistol. It looked very much like a small automatic.
It had a sliding magazine that went from front to back and it used to discharge upwards out of the top of what would have been the slide on a real pistol.

I don’t know about the word “saloon” being on them though, not in my time as far as I recall. I would take that as just being the generic name for low powered .22 cartridges at that time.

In Italy the so called “saloon weapons” are used ( no longer nowadays) to shoot inside at short ranges . They are generally chambered for very low powered cartridges such as 9 mm Flobert , 6 mm Flobert etc. So loaded with single lead ball

Vince–To call them .22 Short or CB Blanks is incorrect. They are 6mm Blanks.
Size is almost the same, but the correct terminology is 6mm not .22.