Saluting blanks

have you any info on the shotshell with this mark on the tube (caliber, hstp, and so on)

I cannot answer your question but I can ask you one. This label implies that there are shotgun cartridges for salute purposes. Am I right? I never saw any.

People call them salute or simply blanks


What I meant was that I never saw anyone saluting with a shotgun.

In France they do that for sailboats racing for example

Because the label is in english it means they must also use them in Canada
(I am not sure these shells are for the canadian market but I think)

(I have hundred of pictures in english and no info on Gevelot Canada shotshells. It is why I ask all these questions)

There are (were?) small breech loading cannon in 10 and 12 bore which fired a blank shotgun type cartridge. As Jean-Pierre said, yacht clubs use them to start races etc.


When Lew posted that link to the Dixie Gun Works catalog for the .22 blank initiated cases. I followed the link to Dixie’s “Cannon” section, and the Winchester-type cannon from years ago is listed–for $595 if I recall. So, they are still available, and I would guess so are the cartridges?

Winchester made a 10 ga cannon for blanks & on the 4th of July I had the fun of firing one. Used modern 10 ga blanks (from a W-W UPLAND brand box) & made a (quite) loud report.

Back in the 1960’s a local boat club was having problems with its Winchester cannons and they came into workshops at The Naval Gunnery School, Whale Island, Portsmouth. The guns were re-fitted fine but they were short of (expensive) blanks. We turned stainless steel sub-calibre adaptors, 10 gauge external, .303 inch internal and supplied a heap of .303 blank. They were at least as loud as the official ammo and much cheaper.


I have no information on the Gevelot saluting blank, but do have this picture of an Eley box of 10 saluting blanks intended for the Winchester cannon that was discussed.

The label indicates they were made and loaded by Eley, but these are Federal shells with the Made In USA ‘flying duck’ headstamp. As the box was sealed when I received it, I have no doubt that the shells are original to the box.