SALVO Caliber 27 Homologous?


Does anyone have info on the .27 Caliber ammunition in the upper right? Unlike the .22 SALVO box on the left, the .27 box has no projectile information. Headstamp is WCC 56 with red annulus and bottom of box is marked 66LM62.

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The WCC 53 Cal 27 Homologues were loaded with a 102 grain bullet. The WCC 56 were later cartridges but as far as I know the bullets were the same.

The 68 gr Sierra loads in the Cal 22 were the M1 Homologue whereas the 54 grain bullet was the M2 Homologue.

The T116 and the T124 were the simplex loadings of the 6.53mm (Cal 25) at 48mm and 53mm case length repectively.

As per my usual disclaimer, all of this is subject to correction by someone who actually knows about this stuff.



I came up with nothing as far as the .27 cal bullet weight and appreciate the info. Both SALVO types are non-magnetic and both types of 6.35mm are highly magnetic.



I note with interest your response regarding the two different bullet weights (68gr & 54gr) in the .22 Homologous round as I was previously unaware that these two different versions existed. Is there any way of differentiating between the two loads without pulling the bullets? I ask because I have two apparently identical rounds headstamped ‘WCC 53’ however one has a pale red annulus whilst the other has a dark green annulus. Could the difference in colour indicate the different bullet weights perhaps?



All of the 68gr cartridges that I have seen have a WCC 55 or 56 date with the “W C C” spaced out around the rim. That’s not to say that there are not other headstamps, only that I have not seen them.

The other Homologoues (Cal 18, 22, 25, 27)seem to always have the WCC 53 headstamp with the “WCC” compressed. (My extended neck, multiple bullet Cal 22 has a W C C 54 headstamp)

The 68gr cartridges weigh approx 274gr and have a lead core bullet.

The 54gr Homologoues weigh approx 260gr and have a magnetic core bullet (as do the other Homologoues).

Interestingly, the 68gr cartridges are 2.560" OAL while the 54gr are 2.640" OAL. Has to do with the ogive shape and seating depth.

I have not seen any with a green p.a.

I should clarify that I have not actually seen a box that identified the 68gr Sierra as an M1 Homologoue. That was told to me by another collector who said that he had seen the reference “somewhere”. But the bullet weight is correct, they were definitely for Project SALVO, and the concept makes sense.

But I’m always open to being corrected. And all of my comments are based on my own small number of samples.

I think there is still a lot yet to learn about the SALVO cartridges.



Here’s a box of the 54 gr cartridges. Not much information on the label.



The few .22 Homologous rounds I have support Ray’s observations. I have WCC 53, 54 and 55 with magnetic-core projectiles, and WCC 55 and 56 with lead-core projectiles. All of my Homologous cartridges have a red annulus (these 5 plus a .25 WCC 53 and a .27 WCC 56).

I had not noticed the different OAL between the 54-grain and 68-grain rounds. You learn something new every day!


With regard to the green annulus - I have a 22 homologous round with a steel cored bullet. The cartridge has an electric primer with green insulation. The hs is WCC 54.

Dave S


The .22 rounds in my collection all have the evenly spaced W C C headstamp

W C C 5 5 steel cored, red annulus
W C C 5 5 lead cored with wide knurled cannelure at neck, red annulus
W C C 5 4 steel cored electric primed with green insulator
W C C 5 4 lead cored duplex no annulus sealant


Here’s a photo of the electric primed 22 SALVO with green p.a. (Photo courtesy of “Glenn”)

Now the big question. What weapon was the electric primed cartridge used in???



Just for the record here’s a picture of the .22 Salvo with it’s green annulus and conventional primer.


Jim’s photo also poses a question that I should have asked above.

What does the green p.a. signify (if anything)?


I have some .22 Caliber 68gr. WCC 56 (spaced evenly around the rim), red PA, non-magnetic core, 2.624" OAL, & 288gr. total weight. 3 examples weighed 288.0, 288.2, & 289.3gr. What was the head stamp info on your .22 Caliber 68gr. example with 274gr. total weight?




Both the weight and OAL of your W C C 5 6 cartridges are different than mine. I have two loose ones with W C C 5 5 headstamps that weigh 274.4 and 272.7 grains and are 2.557 OAL. I have a full sealed box but cannot weigh them without breaking the seal but I can say that my 274.4 gr one came from another box identical to my sealed box. I can vouch for the bullet weight because I pulled one of each.

So, there must have been something that changed between 55 and 56. ???



I picked up a box of “20 RDS” “CAL. .22”, WCC 53 (not evenly spaced), magnetic, red PA, 2.640" OAL, and weighed them to verify the 260gr. total weight of your 54gr. cartridges. They checked out fine. While I was at it, I decided to weigh & measure the .22 Caliber 68gr. cartridges at the left in the pic above. If you had not posted the total weights of your 54gr. & 68gr. Caliber .22 cartridges, this difference would not have been noticed.

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I’ll bet there’s a lot more that we don’t know about those SALVO cartridges.

Winchester lists the M2 Homolouge at 54 grains but every one that I have weighed was only 52.5 grains.

There’s another recent thread about the 6.35 T116 cartridges. I have a box identical to yours. Do you know what the “E1” was.??



The box of T116E1 cartridges is also unopened. And “no joy” on the significance of the E1. If you do find something out, please LMK.