SALVO I Cartridges


Cartridges from SALVO I field tests.


Nice rounds Ray.


I should have labeled the Cal .22 for LR as a SCHV cartridge. It is loaded with the 68 grain Sierra bullet and preceeded SALVO. The SALVO 22 for LR is loaded with a 54 grain M2 Homolouge and will be shown later.



I have a couple of cartridges which I’ve always assumed to be ‘Project Salvo’ loads but don’t appear in your pictures so may be of some interest to you.

The round on the right I’ve catalogued as ‘.22/30" NATO Multi-ball’. It has a 63mm caselength and a headstamp of W C C 5 4. It has a very distinctive red casemouth seal but whether this indicates anything I’ve no idea. Why call it ‘multi-ball’ and not the usual ‘duplex’?

The round on the left also has a 63mm case but no headstamp. I’ve got it catalogued as ‘7.62mm Triplex Ball’. Anything to do with Project Salvo?



Yes, those would both be SALVO cartridges.

The 22 would be the CAL 22 FOR LIGHT RIFLE, 7.62 MM CASE, DUPLEX. It would have either two 35 grain bullets or two 41 grain bullets. I don’t know how you can tell which bullet it is loaded with. The case mouth seal color may be the answer.

The 30 is the CAL 7.62 MM FOR LIGHT RIFLE, 7.62 MM CASE, DUPLEX. It is loaded with two 96 grain bullets.

Both are very collectable cartridges.

The cartridges that I pictured were those tested during the SALVO I and SALVO II trials. There are several other SALVO cartridges, including yours that were tested also. They just weren’t part of those two experiments.



Thank you for ID’ing my two rounds. Just looking at the coloured tip of your .30 cal Triplex pictured above and it looks to be black on my monitor. Is it really a black tip? It’s a new one on me if it is.



Yes, the tip is black. I’d have to go back and dig thru my references to see what that means, if anything. Chris P could probably tell us quicker than I could look it up.

The easiest way to differentiate the duplex from the triplex is the location of the roll crimp in the case neck. The triplex is at the neck/shoulder junction whereas the duplex is higher up on the neck.

I don’t believe that there are SALVO triplex cartridges using the 7.62 MM case.



My single .30 Triplex specimen doesn’t have a coloured tip nor has any other that I’ve seen. I’d guess whoever took the trouble to paint the tip black did so for a reason so presumably it does mean something, at least to somebody…somewhere…
Just a further thought about my two cartridges - both have caselengths of 63mm. I’ve always thought them to have been formed from extended .30" FA-T1E3 Light Rifle cases but I’m wondering whether perhaps they’re formed from .30-06 cases. Any thoughts?



If you look in Chris’ book he talks briefly about the tip colors.

As to the cases, they have the FAT1 E3 extractor groove so I’d say they are not made from '06 cases. I theorize that the case length (63mm) is not coincidental but on purpose because many of the SALVO cartridges were tested in M1, T20, T22, and all the other “T” rifles up to and including the M14.