SALVO I & II Correction

This will probably get lost if I post it at the end of my two original SALVO threads so I’m doing it this way.

My SALVO I and SALVO II thread photographs show a flechette shot shell that I labeled as AAI (Aircraft Armaments Inc). That particular shell is a Winchester shell, Super-X I believe, from a later period than the SALVO tests. I showed it to illustrate the different cartridges used in the tests and did not, should not, have implied or inferred that it was an original AAI.

I nit-pick you guys all the time and now I’m the perp. ;( ;(

Sorry if I misled.

BTW, I do not have an original AAI shell to show. Hint hint.


would you be game to ask Ron to merge the two Salvo threads…too good of stuff to lose…your call



No problem from my end. I assume Ron is awake and reading this, so do it Ron.


Pepper & Ray–I can merge the two threads if you really want me to, but it seems to me they are better left as two seperate threads. Without editing some of the comments in the 2, it might me hard to tell which SALVO project the poster is referring to.

If you want them merged, what title do you want on the combined thread?

Do you want me to go back and merge the thread on this topic from few months ago?

Should I add the thread about the .25 Winchester? How about threads on Pre-NATO

I’ll do whatever you want done.

How about “simply” editing in the links to the other threads? IE at the end of the origional post, edit in “For further discussions on this/similar topic see: Link1, Link2, Link3”


I hope you’re not asking me how to combine the two SALVO threads. I’m a computer illiterate and have to leave stuff like that to you guys.

Obviously, some of the redundant things would have to be deleted.

And if you want to throw in the 25 Winchester thread it may be better if I re post my original thread on those cartridges and combine it with Chip’s rather than mixing it with the SALVO. The 25 caliber cartridges are as much a part of the SCHV program as they are SALVO.

What have I wrought?


I take responsibility…let a dead dog lie !

(but I do believe the future is to add/delete/combine “threads of historical value”)…but there in lies the rub

[color=blue]Ray[/color]–No, I was not asking about the nuts and bolts of how to merge the threads, but rather about the how you would wish for me to handle the content.

I think Tailgunners suggestion about just adding links to the other appropiate threads is the perhaps the best way to handle the information.

But, as I said before, since you are the originator of the threads, how do you want me to proceed?

[color=blue]Pepper[/color]–I agree with you about “searchability” problems. I often will rename a thread to make the title better. This is especially true for titles of the general nature “What is this??”. After a few days, and when the dust has cleared to make sure suggested ID’s seem to be correct, I will edit the title.

As for the question about what is worth keeping and what is not, there is at least one group we know that can be deleated with no loss–anything about .450 Revolver is totally useless!!


I would just as soon leave everything as it is. Mostly because I wouldn’t know what to change anyway.

I would like you to delete my thread now titled “lack of interest” since it doesn’t make much sense the way it is. Maybe I will re-post my original thread because it appears that maybe there is some interest after all.

And, I thought it was .455 Revolver ???


ADMIN NOTE: The following was moved here from another thread. The original was by Ray Meketa

The SCHV, SALVO, SPIW cartridges deserve much more attention than I can give them on the Forum. I have decided to write a full length article or two for the JOURNAL and did not wish to pre-empt that effort here and now.



Yes, that’s what I said. I still intend to do that but it’s a big project and you probably won’t see anything in the JOURNAL for a long time.

I’ve kinda changed my mind about posting some of it here on the Forum. Maybe a snippet or two to get guys interested. I’m thinking right now about something on the SCHV.