Sample Booster MK.X type AA

Gunbroker has an auction of a Sample Booster MK.X type AA… … =299760395
maybe it’s “special purpose” and I need to chase it ?

what…or how is it used ?


That is a Semple booster and is used on artillery fuzes. I assume Semple is the name associated with a patent on the fuze type. There is a primary detonator initiated by the fuze action that detonates the booster which is usually a high explosive composition similar to, if not the same as, the main charge. Attached to the base of the fuze, the booster extends into the main HE charge of the shell and helps insure high order detonation.



I posted your Q over on BOCN. Those guys will tell you. Or, they will rush to GB and bid on it. ;) ;)


Did a quick dig on the net and found a nice document on Google Books titled “Handbook of Ordnance Data” dated Nov. 15, 1918. On page 166 there is a nice section view of a base fuzed projectile using a Semple patent with a booster. … ZE&f=false

Here is one of Mr. Semple’s later patents for a nose fuze from 1947:

There are other fuze patents under the same name over a long period of time so it seems Semple was a prolific designer of these devices!