Samson .41 x 22 ---- 41 AE box

Just received an empty Samson box with the “.41 x 22” mark.

End flap says:

.41 x 22
200 GR F.M.J. - F.N.

Lot # is 1608 - 89 I suppose that “89” stands for “1989”

Was it a common way to call this cartridge by Samson or was it stamped only on earlier boxes? I have a later yellow UZI box by samson (lot #1600-90) where the caliber is marked as " .41 ACTION EXPRESS"

Pivi - as far as I know, this interesting mix of inch and metric designations denoting the .41 Action Express cartridge, “.41 s 22” occurs only only the blue and white Samson boxes, which were the first that i know of for this caliber. I have them for 170 Grain J.H.P. loading (lot 1612-88, and for the 200 gr. FMJ load (Lot 1617-87. My “UZI” box is like yours, with the .41 Action Express designation, and is lot 1607-89. I agree the last two digits of the lot number are the year of production.

Thanks John.

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How would we date this box of Samson 9x21?

Lot No: 00125/B