OK I give up. I’ve been looking for years and I have come to the conclusion that Saniwax does not exist. No hardware store or person that I have asked has ever heard of it.

Where do I get this stuff or what do you use instead of it?

And good job to whoever put up the saniwax website to further the joke and make me think that it really does exist.


Did you try here? :


I sent a message yesterday. I’ve heard from several people that this stuff is great and I’m looking forward to finding some. Thanks!


I’ve had the same problem, I could find no one that carried it or knew of it so I contacted the company and they told me they had no retailers near me but would love to have one so I contacted a local hardware dealer who might deal with it. He and the company could not come to terms nor could I. Their minimum order was like a case, costly and far more than I could use up!

Good luck. Hope you fair better than I did!


Jim with Saniwax sent me a message today saying that there wasn’t a place to buy it around here but offering to sell me a case. I decided that it wasn’t to be, but about 10 minutes later he replied again with a new dealer here in my town. I should have some next week.


A protective micro-crystalline wax that is excellent for cartridges is, RENAISSANCE !
It comes in paste form in 200ml/7fl.oz tins and only costs about $20 . A little on a soft cloth goes a long way. A tin of this would more than likely last a lifetime !
Protects against finger prints and keeps moisture off the cartridge. It is widely used for restoration & conservation by museums . I have used it for years with great results.
M. Rea


I use the stuff and its great. A small amount goes a long way. Cant remember how I ordered it but it is distributed by Sani Wax, Inc. Prairie Village, KS. I found that it was cheaper to order two bottles since the shipping was the same for one or two. I use the liquid type. You can even clean paper hulls without damageing them if you are very careful with the amount you use. Test first on something you dont care about. I will try to locate the company I ordered from but sure I found them on-line.