Santa, please bring me a


As its Christmas I hope the forum admin will allow me a little leeway to ask this question and have a bit of cartridge fun.
If you could wake up Christmas morning to find Santa had left you one cartridge in your stocking, what would that cartridge be? The one you have been hunting for all these years, and what is your reason for wanting it over and above all the others?


That’s an easy one. A Hungarian Aluminum-case ball 9 x 18 mm Makarov round. Makarov has become the most important caliber to me for collecting since I collect everything to do with 9 x 18mm pistols. The rest is obvious - it is the only military-headstamped aluminum-case 9 mm Makarov round I am aware of.

There are others in contention, but this one would be tops. Does it exist - had one in my hand at Woodin Lab.

John Moss


Ok, I wish I had a Russian 8-line rampart gun cartridge in the stocking then.

And of course I also have a wish for the 2010 x-mas already…


Several Krag items come to mind…but, off the top of my head…a .30-40 Krag cartridge with headstamp D.C.Co. 30 U.S.G. This was the first headstamp used by Dominion Cartridge Co. on the Krag cartridge and was used for a very few years only. ANYBODY GOT ONE?


Do I get only one? Well, how about a mint condition FA 41 NM.

Do you have my address Vince?

Now tell us yours.



[quote=“RayMeketa”]Now tell us yours.

Ray, I’m not a collector anymore but when I was my main interest was the British big game cartridges. I can think of a few examples there that I have never even seen. However, if I really had to narrow it down to one cartridge it would probably be an early prototype martini cartridge. I’m not fussy which.



A yellow labeled US Cartridge Co .36/38 S&W cartridge box with the Baby Russian on the label.


A 9mm Libra Snail, because there are so very few specimens out there. The 6.5x25 CBJ, and any of the VBR Paralights are a close second place. Stocking stuffers maybe?


Any one of the 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) rounds from EMZ in the AP(HC) series.


32-44 or 38-44 D.C.Co. headstamp.


How bout one of those flechette rounds that looks like its based on a straight 30-06
but with a belted case. You dont see those everyday.
Hint hint, anybody out there. I luv my flechette rounds :)


Mine would take a BIG sock, but a 8.8cm, Flak 41 case with Inert projectile. My Father was on the 90mm Anti-Aircraft in WW-II. The German 8.8cm or 88mm was the equivalent gun on their side. I have several 90mm rounds, but would like an 8.8cm to display with the 90’s.


id like to see a 20m or 37mm davy crockett nuke cannon spotter rd


I’d really like any Japanese 7.7mm Explosive round. The difficulty in inerting and transporting them over to the UK makes them very scarce over here. If anyone can do it I’m sure it would be Santa.


Mine would have to be the .50 Fat Mac Wildcat.


I don’t want ammo under my tree, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg tells me it is VERY dangerous. But I’d like Santa to bring me to the NRA Museum in Fairfax,VA.


Easy!!! I want one of the DWM 9x19mm duplex loads tested at Springfield Arsenal about 1912. I have a copy of the test reports and the US patent. A case of the ammunition was sent to Springfield for the tests. There is a US Luger collector who has one of the two test guns and one cartridge. White and Munhall had, at one time, one of the bullets (current whereabouts unknown).

Now I weigh every DWM K 480C K headstamped truncated bullet load I run across, particularly one in the States looking for one that weighs 195gr to 205 gr overall hoping one is hiding in someones junk box (it will look like an ordinary DWM truncated bullet load.

Please, Please Santa, save me from this search and just put one in my stocking tonight.

Hope we all get our wishes!

Merry Christmas to all of you.




It’s a toss up between a 4.5 mm Swedish Interdynamic’s rimfire or the black teflon coated aluminum cased 5.6mm Swiss Eiger round…

Merry Christmas everyone…and a safe and healthy New Year.



Probably a 2 Pounder naval AA HE round with an unfired projectile and intact crimp, with the link on it as well (or a belt of 28 of said rounds in their original box). I can only hope…



When you started this thread I thought, “Well, that’s not going anywhere.” But it has turned out to be one of the most entertaining to date. The wide range of collecting interests is amazing. Differing tastes is what makes cartridge collecting so interesting and habit-forming. There is no doubt that, among Forum members, variety is alive and well.