Sarawak constabulary ammunition/ rifles 1930s

Anyone know what type of rifles and ammunition were used by the Sarawak constabulary in the 1930s up to the 1942 Japanese invasion ?
Would the ammunition be held in leather pouches or cloth bandoliers ?

Today Sarawak is a state in Malaysia.

I remember when Sarawak was a British colony. I collected postal stamps (many centuries ago). There are plenty of Sarawak Constabulary photos in “images” on internet. I’d think leather pouches, they’d last longer than cloth in tropical climate. But I really don’t know.

Actually Sarawak became a British protectorate in 1888, and was “defended” by British forces until 1941. I understand its Domestic government was controlled by the Brooke Raja.

I believe all ammunition and arms in the 1930s would have been British service items, active or surplus.

British forces had been forced out of Sarawak by Christmas 1941 and it was controlled by the Japanese. Australians fought there during the war. After the Japanese surrender, Sarawak became a British Crown Colony in July 1946. I would expect both Japanese weapons and ammunition would be found in Sarawak.

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