Sarsilmaz of Turkey

I have a 2018 catalog of Turkish Sarsilmaz where they are also advertizing ammunition and some explosives.

Accessing their website yields only small arms and no ammunition at all.

Did they disembody/sell the ammo/explosives branch?

I have only seen their pistols here in the US.

Alex, the ammunition is made by a parent company called BPS that became part of the Sarsılmaz group in 2015.

Here is an image of their new 9 mm ammunition:

Fede, thanks!
That is confusing. In their 2018 printed catalog it all is under “Sarsilmaz” and on their website it is nil.

Yes, there is also Sarsılmaz brand ammunition; what I mean is that it was introduced after BPS became part of the group. In 2017 they announced several Sarsılmaz brand calibers, including 9x19, 5.56x45 and 7.62x39.

Also, sooner or later it will be available in the US through SAR USA:

Ok, but why in printed catalogs and not mentioned in the web?

Well, I guess they just need to update their website.

Concept art showing a 7.62x51 box and headstamp: