Sauer cartridges list

I would like to have a list of the Sauer cartridges

Pivi, here you go… (Codes from “European Sporting Cartridges”)

6.5x48R Sauer : (GSP17)
6.5x58R Sauer : (GSP18)
6.5x65R Sauer : (GSP19)
8x48R Sauer : (GSP21)
8x58R Sauer : (GSP22)
8x70R Sauer : (GSP73) – RWS Drawing only
9x58R Sauer : (GSP24)
9.3x72R Sauer : (GSP25)
10x50R Sauer : (GSP26)

The following cartridges have also been listed as “Sauer”:

6.5x40R Sauer - common name for the 6.5x40R G Tesching (T31)
6.5x70R Sauer : (GSP20)
8x42R Sauer - which is an unconfirmed term for the 8x42R (MB31)
8x50R Sauer - which may be a prototype (GSP68)
8x72R Sauer - which is actually a Brenneke design (GSP73)
10x55R Sauer (GSP27) - unconfirmed to exist!!

Thanks Brad,
I have never heard something about the 6,5 x 65R and the 10x50R.
Are they straight cases?

Again,what’s the meaning of GSP,T and MB codes?

Pivi, these codes were used in my two volume book “European Sporting Cartridges” to give a unique code for each cartridge grouped by type:

GSP = German Sporting
T = Tesching
MB = 11mm Mauser based