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Would anyone like to tell me? When a Savage 1895 or even a Savage 1899 barrel is marked Sav .30 is the cartridge to be used a .30 WCF or a 303 Sav.? Thanks,

Hey Sitkaak, I guess we’ll just have to talk to ourselves about this one… Shoot sharp, 303mike

Mike & Sitka

I’ve been watching your posts. At first I thought you were the same guy with different monikers, but I guess not.

Anyway, the regulars on the Forum are really nice guys and are not ignoring you. They would answer the question if they could.

There is a book on “Savage” stuff and maybe one of them can direct you to it.

A little more detail, such as Mike sent me in a PM, may help.

Don’t give up.


Hi guys - I can only suggest, unless some one else chimes in here with the information, that you have a chamber-cast made from the rifle. I have only one book on the Savage Model 99, “The Ninety-Nine,” Revised Third Edition, by Douglas P. Murray. The layout of the book is somewhat confusing. They show the “.30” caliber markings in two barrel-marking styles, but I can find nowhere in the book that explains this marking. The .30-30 caliber was added to the .303 caliber offering c .1900, and since he shows for the earliest barrel address the “.303” marking, this “.30” may well be an early representation for the .30-30. I simply don’t know.

There is no explanation for the marking in the book, that I can find.

Although I cannot be critical about it, since it is an ammo book, the only book on Savage Ammunition sheds no light on this subject either. Of course, that books is primarily a picture book when it comes to material original to the book, and a reprinting of various Savage catalogs. It is more valuable for the latter than for the former.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help with a definitive answer. I did try. If you could post a photo of the barrel markings on your gun, I might be able to pin down the era of it, if you do not know that already. A serial number range for the gun might be helpful too.

If you do find out, thru a chamber cast, what this marking means, please report it on this thread, even if it is a couple of months from now, so that we can all advance our knowledge and find out definitively what caliber is represented by the “.30” marking.

In the interim, if someone actually has a confirmed answer, how about helping out these guys, and me, with an answer? The body of literature on the Savage Arms and Ammunition is very inadequate, so maybe we can help it along here on this small point.

Hey John, Thnaks for the hints but we’ve “been there, done that.” What I want to find is a .30 Savage cartridge. Yes, it will be old, from between 1895 and 1897 but I’ll keep looking. When I find one you’ll hear about it. Thanks again. 303mike

You might start determing if it is a rimmed, or rimless cartridge. The .303 Sav & the .30 W.C.F. (.30-30) are rimmed while the .300 Sav. is rimless.
Hope this is of help.
Never heard of a headstamp with just .30 SAV. Good luck with that! & find several while your at it.

Pete, It’s a rimmed job, for sure. The Savage .30 is either an early version of the .303 or it’s another name for the .30-30. That’s what we’re trying to determine.

I’m not sure whether or not you’ve tried a chamber cast or not, but a .303 Savage cartridge case ought not to enter a standard .30-30 chamber. So, assuming everything is dimensionally OK, a chamber into which a .303 case will enter certainly isn’t a .30-30 and might well be a .303 Savage. JG

I started researching this a week ago and did not follow through. So I spent a few more minutes today on this question.

According to the books I have the rifle is either a 30-30 WCF or a .303 Sav as there were no more options in .30 caliber.

As Winchester originally called the 30-30 Win .30 WCF on their barrels it is highly likely that Savage would of used the same numbers, but at that time in history it seems few companies wanted to reference thier competitions name.

With all of that said if the bolt holds a rimmed shell it is almost certainly a 30-30 Win. If as stated above the bolt is rimless it would be a .303 Sav. I have a hard time believing that Savage would of chambered their then new round in their firearm and not used the whole name on the barrel. Witha ll of that I believe it would be 30-30 win.

Bottom line though and to be sure have the chamber casted.


The 303 Savage is rimmed, the same rim dimension as the 30-30, but the body is bigger. The 300 Savage is rimless with an even larger body diameter than either, but with a smaller rim diameter.


My model 99 which is older than me has .300 SAVAGE stamped on the barrel, so it seems the 300 is covered and is not .30 sav. Vic

A very good Savage collectors forum: … /40/page/1


Thank you, Glenn, that’s where we came from.