Savage 22 HP


I have what appears to be a factory made blank. The headstamp is S.A.Co. .22 S. H-P. with intertwined us brass primer. Along side is a Peters 22 Hp for comparision.
This blank look like it is from the factory. Did Savage make rifle blanks?
Bob R.


Hopefully, a Savage collector will join in soon. Based on the configuration of the blank cartridge, it would chamber in millions of rifles, such as Model 1894 Winchesters and 1893 Marlins, to name the most common. Stuffing a handful of them into a tubular magazine might pose a problem, though, with a paper ‘bullet’. Hmmm…interesting. Cheers!


Blanks seem to have been much more commercial years ago than they are. today. In the modern age I can think of only two uses saluting and re-enactors.
years ago, the training of horses appears to have been a fertile market. Personally I still feel suprised at the number of blanks that turn up as collectors items and are listed in old catalogues.

Its an interesting subject in its own right


Another common use today is hunting dog training. Blanks in shotgun calibres are still sold for this purpose.


Never (that word) heard of a factory Savage blank of that era. Factory US blanks by most makers used the full case with a paper bullet or a crimp like the M-09 blank. look at Krags, even straight wall cased blanks used the full case length.
BUT I could be wrong (1st time today). Please use a glass & look closely at the mouth for signs of trimming & is it cut evenly ie; square with the sides. Doesn’t appear to be in the photo?