Savage 270 Winchester Box

I was putting this Savage box away for a friend in Europe and it was so pretty that I thought I’d put a scan on the Forum for the enjoyment of all. The box code printed inside the end flap is “J21B” for those who care about such things—probably just me and d’Artagnan.


Yes Lew you are right to post it. How did they manage to make these boxes so “of the era” that now it screams out at you. Like Bobby Sox and tail fins on cars. It takes a certain type of person to appreciate it now.

Judging from the price of cardboard at some shows now, I think a lot of people must appreciate these boxes. I certainly do. The ammo makers today have big advertising departments with well-paid professionals, so I am probably wrong, but I think they could learn something from the old-time packaging. Most of the newer boxes are, well, boring may be the right word. Not all of them, of course. Some are very eye-catching with good and interesting advertising art work.
The Indian Head coupled with the factory name “Savage” probably would not work today, in our PC times.


What is the address on the back ??

Nice box Lew.
If somebody has the 30-06 version of this box
or a box like the one shown on the picture below
for trade, pls let me know.


I ran across this post and was correcting the photoshop distorted image, and decided to figure out the date code. It is the Remington code for 21 Jan 1956, which surprised me since another thread indicated that Savage didn’t make the 270 W until 1959!

Just tying up a loose end.


Lew 0r? Not a challenge, because I simply don’t know,
but did SAVAGE actually offer ammunition as late as


John, When I was looking for Savage info on the forum I found a post that said:

This implies it was made until 1963, but the “1959” could well be a typo.

I have no idea when Savage quite offering ammo, but it looks like Remington was still loading 270W for them in early 1956.

As you know, this is way outside my knowledge base. I was was only trying to date the box.


Way out of my field, too, Lew. The potential 1963 date
floors me. By 1963, I may not have been full-time at the
S.F. Gun Exchange yet, but I was working for them some
evenings after my regular job with the Army at Oakland Army
Terminal. I would stop there on my way home, as it was only
a few blocks off the SF-Oakland Bay bridge. I also would
work for the store on Saturdays, if needed. A little extra money
for the wife!

I don’t recall the Savage Brand still existing then, but heck, what
do I know. Half the time, I can’t even remember my own name

I will have to dig through my catalogs and see what I can come up with.
I don’t have too many of them from then, as I had not yet learned to
recognize the value in a good library.

I just remembered I have a book on Savage Ammunition (revised, 3rd
Edition, by Peter L. Zimmerman, 2002. The Savage Ammunition Brand
spanned from 1895 until ,Drum Roll…1963!!! Looks like it is time
for the Old Folks Home for me. You were right on, Lew!

John … Let’s see, what was my last name? Maybe Idiot or Moron? Probably
the latter, since I recall it starts with an"M."