SAVAGE 32-20 Hi.P. headstamp


G’day all.
Just going through my .32-20 and found a round with the above hstp. Would I be right in thinking this would be a special loading for the Savage 99? It has a jacketed lead round nose projo but otherwise appears identical to my other .32-20.




In the beginning, Savage made their own cartridges. In later years, Remington made them with the Savage headstamp. The Model 99 was chambered for larger cartridges, such as the Savage 22 HP, 250-3000, 300, and 303. Others were the 30-30, 32 Special, 32-40 and 38-55. I may be wrong about the last 3. I am not real familiar with the Model 99. Your cartridge is a hotter version of the standard 32-20 load. By WRA Co., the high velocity load was for the Model 1892 and other suitable rifles. Not for use in Model 1873 rifles or handguns. I would imagine that the same rule applies with the Savage version.


Falcon5nz, Savage made a light bolt action rifle model 23D which was a slightly beefed up Model 23 .22LR rifle. It was chambered for the 25-20 Repeater cartridge, the 32-20 and later the .22 Hornet. It was introduced in 1923 and made from then until a few years after WW-2. I have my dads Model 23 .22. It still shoots pretty well and is probably from 1925.



I think I’ve got some .25-20 Hi Power as well.
So basically they were hot loads of the WCF rounds?
Roundsworth- Is there any way to date the original Savage made cartridges vs the later Remington ones?


“By 1928 Savage had turned over the cartridge-making aspect of its business to Remington on a contract basis, an arrangement that lasted until 1963 when the brand was discontinued.” That is the best info I can find in any of my reference books, falcon. From what I understand, Savage manufactured their own ammunition from about 1900 to 1928. Cheers!