Savage .38 S&W SPL

Otto Witt notes the these are also found with US primers indicating production before the 1930’s. Does anyone have a firm date or range of manufacture?
Has anyone seen a box?
SAVAGE 38 S&W SPL hs's

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I can’t answer your question but I have a question myself. What happened to the headstamp on the right? I have several rounds with such a deformity. Is it just extra stuff stuck on the bunter? Or something else?

The head, dirt on the headstamp bunter as you will notice a start and a stop to the marks, looks good at 9 & 3?

Must have been made on either a Monday or a Friday…

The mark on the the primer is because it is not centered on the seating tool face. In this case it’s a factory flaw. In other examples you have to look a the case to see if it has been fired (swollen at the head) or case crimps or grooves disturbed or re-done, or signs of ejection or in a shell holder or die marks in the case or if the bullet or primer is correct / factory or & or & or.

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