Savage ammo collectors needed

While working to either confirm or deny a connection to USCCo and Savage, I found that there is no reliable source of info about Savage ammo. There are Savage books out there,but they lack depth.
I have stumbled upon enough fragments to put something together but need help from Savage collector(s).

To illustrate this story I need some decent photos of older Savage boxes (moose horn labels,etc).
I am especially interested in photos of cartridges and boxes from the Savage Repeating Arms era.
Shots of headstamps bearing monogrammed primers…“W”…“S”…"$"…could be usefull.

If anyone has Savage catalogs and could scan me the ammo sections, I would be indebted to you.


According to IAA Journal 258…
The Savage Cartridges by Howard Hoovestal
"1928 - No longer does the company state that they manufacture their own ammunition. It is believed that the Savage Arms Corp. contracted their ammuntion from the United States Cartridge Co. at that time."

" When the United States Cartridge Co. ceased to make ammunition under their own name, about 1935, it is believed that Savage turned to the Remington Arms Co. for their supply."


Also, in this book
rediscovered-shooting-treasu … korder.htm
Under manufacturers
1928-1934 The United States Cartridge Company

There are 2 pics showing Savage cartridges with U.S. Cartridge Co. primers


I have “lots” of photo copies of Savage headstamps engineering drawings (bunters, etc) from Remington Bridgeport


Thanks ,but those references are what I referred to as “lacking depth”. The use of USCCo primers is a case of Occam’s Razor: Savage was loading their own cartridges & they purchased USCCo. primers.A rather simple explanation of US primers in their cartridges.

As an aside,Savage ammo can also be found with Winchester primers. There is no evidence that Winchester ever loaded any ammo for Savage.

In 1926 USCCo. stopped manufacturing their own ammo. Winchester made it for them under contract. When Western Ctg./Olin purchased Winchester in 1931. Western in effect became the manufacturer of USCCo ammo (just like they where the manufacturers of Winchester ammo) until they purchased the remaining US Cartridge assets from National Lead & discontinued the brand.

The companies who manufactured for Savage are UMC, Remington & Dominion. The first two I have proof of, Dominion made cases and bullets that Savage loaded. Whether or not Dominion made assembled cartridges has yet to be proven.

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