Savage & co catalogue


I am looking for scans of some pages of savage & co catalogues showing shotshells dated 1915-1917 and 1919-1921 and after


Are these catalogues so scarce in the US ???


J-P: Yes!

John Moss


[quote=“JohnMoss”]J-P: Yes!

John Moss[/quote]

I don’t think John.
There are more than 60 reprint catalogues on Cornell Publications website !


There are two Savage Companies.The one on Cornell did not make shotshells.


Thanks Dick

  1. Savage (which one, I don’t know!) sold shotshells in his 1915-1917 catalogue with the hstp :
    N° International 12 Repeater
  2. Again Savage (which one ??) sold shotshells in his 1919-1921 catalogue with the hstp :
    N° Superior 12 Guaranted

I have a copy (very bad quality ) of these two pages.

  1. Therefore which Savage company are these catalogues ?
    (Are you sure they are not the ones shown on Cornell ???)
    (I never said these shotshells are manufactured by this company, but sold by it.)
  2. How to differiancate the two companies ?



This is in Iverson’s book Shotshells in the US.
M.W.Savage Factories,inc. 3rd & Bridge Minneapolis, Minn.“Shotshells date back to the mid teens & were made by Federal Cartridge Co.Savage shells were loaded in 12,16, & 20 ga.” He shows four headstamps.
Savage Hi-Power,Savage Superior,Superior Guarantee,Superior Mogul.

The Savage Arms Corp. Utica N.Y. & later Chickopee Falls,Mass.apparently never made or sold shotshells.

This is all I know about Savage shotshells.


Thanks Bick
It is M.W. Savage catalogue I need therefore.

There is one on Cornell (1923-1923) as reprint.
If someone has it I would be interested.


For whatever it is worth I think the M. W. Savage shells are orginially Italian made & think in only 12 & 16 gauge?


Everybody says something different.
You said Italian, Iverson said Federal Ctge Co, other sources say Winchester and American Ammunition Co.

I have no opinion, because of lack of documentation.
The only thing I am sure is the fact they exist in 12, 16, 20.

M.W. Savage being to difficult about documentation, let’s talk about something perhaps easier: Watherbury brass Co.
Has somebody a catalogue or advertisings?