Save The WOLF


What would be the chance of wolfgangross photos of the sectioned ammo be archived in a specific place, they are outstanding and need a place where they can be studied looked at and go back to when needed. I am afraid they will get lost in the archive.


Vic–I agree they are a great source of information. I suggest you do what I do with several posts of lasting interest and save them to your hard drive. It is easy to do. Left click on the post you want to save. Then select “Save Page As…” You will want to rename the file when it comes up as all of files are called “viewtopic.php”.


Then make a copy of it on a disc .
Remember Gremlins and computer crashes…

Cartridge of the Month (sectioned or cutaway) would seem to be a good place to put these.

All that is needed are a title -name on the photo i.e as in Jim Miles
pictures .



They could also be reprinted in the IAA Journal!